Friday, 4 May 2012

Downieville is Alive and Well!!

Weekends are getting busier, weather is mostly warm and sunny and businesses in Downieville are re-opening for the 2012 season! Yea! So happy to come out of hibernation! It�s wonderful to have a full-service town again! We�ve got some great restaurants, shops, and interesting places to visit here. The Grubstake Saloon has reopened for lunches and dinner--always a popular place for a great steak dinner! The Two Rivers Caf� has pizza, pastas, burgers and more; open for breakfast, lunch and dinner-delicious!  La Cocina Del Oro is a favorite for authentic Mexican food. Fun atmosphere and tasty fresh dishes! Coyoteville has great breakfast and lunches and Belle's Cafe has food/snacks to go! Lots of choices now and all are WINNERS!  Fishing season has opened, although at this time of the year, the river is still running a bit high. Great for the kayakers, though, and there are lots around! This end of Highway 49 is a also a popular putt for motorcycle enthusiasts and there are always large groups of riders visiting during the weekends.

Check out some of the new �old finds� at Vintage Gal! I�ve been shopping during the winter and brought in some great new items! May hours are Friday-Sunday 10am to 4pm. Extended days and hours starting in June. You can always call me at 530-289-3659 for an appointment, too. I�m always happy to open up for you!

So come on up to Downieville! We may be small�.but we have it all!!

Posted by Cherry Simi, Vintage Gal Antiques & Fine Things

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